Saturday, March 29, 2008

Time, Flying

The new semester has started, and it's like last semester except slightly better with the computer class being replaced by a film/tv class (this is not as hard as it sounds, it's just watching films with a vocabulary list in front of you).

The worst is the Spoken Chinese class, as it's more of a Reciting Textbook class in actuality. This seems to be a method which is held in great esteem by my university, evidenced by the scores of students reciting their textbooks every morning in the campus gardens.

Fortunately we have some good classes, the Intensive Reading and Newspaper ones, where we talk about current events, and actually spend more time conversing than we do in the Spoken class.

The HSK is coming up next month, and as usual I'm refusing to do any specific preparation for it.
Perhaps it's laziness, but I just find the materials too boring to engage with for any useful length of time. I'd much rather just read Chinese books, magazines and newspapers, and watch films and tv shows.

We'll see how it goes. It's all flying by very fast.