Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Week of Passing

We've had an extremely tragic week, with both Steve Irwin and Peter Brock dying.
Two rather iconic Australians, in my mind, and both dying in circumstances related to their vocations. They'll be missed by everyone around the world. It's a good time for reflection upon our own lives, and surely it must remind everyone that we shouldn't waste what time we have.

The exception is Germaine Greer and her wild-eyed, wild-armpitted followers.

From ninemsn

Ms Greer said Mr Irwin had not treated animals with the respect they deserved.

"He would tell you how dangerous they were and he would proceed to intrude on their space and humiliate really - treat them with massive insensitivity," she said.

That was from A Current Affair, so we can't say how reliable it is, but whatever.

Sounds rather like Germaine Greer in regards to men, come to think of it. Read her Enough Rope interview.

Thus, if Germaine Greer is ever killed by a 'partner' (which would apparently likely be a young boy, hairless and feminine), I think it only appropriate that we respond by saying that
'the hairless boys world got their revenge'. It'll be, like, poetic justice.

In other news, A Current Affair is hate-mongering again, this time against Muslim taxi-drivers.
Is that really needed?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A night of XS

Had a fantastic evening yesterday, as Paul was in town and offered me a ticket to go and see INXS!
I've never been a fan of them, but I've always been aware of their status, and their drummer is quite well known. And considering that I wasn't a fan , I was really very impressed with their performance. They played a great set and the new singer of theirs seems to have all the requisite energy for the job. The opening act we saw was Killing Heidi, and though they're past their heyday, they played solidly too.

The only downside was the rain, but given that we're in such a bad drought it's hard to see that as such a bad thing.

In other news
Q: "What are the good movies coming out?"
A: The Science of Sleep, The Prestige, The Fountain, Sunshine, Marie Antoinette, Art School Confidential, Zodiac and Inland Empire will all be great in my opinion. Check out the trailers for some of them if you have time and tell me if you agree. Time will tell, but these are my bets.